Our Expertise 

As a developer and manufacturer of a range of electronic solutions, you can be confident that our services offer the best in electronic technology. With over 25 years of experience, we are a force in the manufacture and supply of electronic devices for various industries.  Below are some of the products we specialise in for clients.

Automotive Solutions

Our expertise in the security sector ranges from the design and manufacture of innovative custom Keyless Entry Systems, Alarms & Immobilisers, Sensors, CANBUS, Safety Devices, Telematics solutions and Interface modules. 

Access Control Solutions

Looking for partners to assist with security door access control systems from standalone control devices for managing one or two doors or a fully online controlled access systems. We have experience in solutions which include Alarm Panels, Wireless PIR Sensors, Product Management Software, RFID Systems any much more.

Traffic Management Systems

Traffic management is an essential part of modern mobility because it helps utilise the existing network in the best possible way. The goal is to enable people to get to their destinations as fast as possible. It also improves traffic safety for all road users.  Contact us for your requirements and let’s see how we can help with products such as traffic lighting systems and audible cross walks.

IOT Solutions

Contact us today to develop commercial and industrial IoT connectivity modules and advanced network communication capabilities in areas as diverse as:

  • Cargo containers
  • Assets monitoring
  • Cold-chain monitoring for temperature-sensitive goods
  • Real-time route optimisation and distribution schedules
  • Battery Management and Monitoring Systems
  • Construction sites and vehicle condition monitoring
  • Home Automation

Our turnkey solutions include sensors, platforms and hardware gateways for various industry applications.

Mobile App Development

Mobile Apps are crucial to many electronic products. Get a customised mobile app with fully functional features: browse around as smoothly as you would on a website. Our Engineers can optimise your mobile app for  Android platforms and iOS devices. If you require a Web Application platform as well, we can assist.