About Directed

Directed was founded by a group of individuals with over 25 years of experience in electronic product design and development.  We worked with clients ranging from medium to large corporates located locally and internationally.  We understand that the key to our success is the mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, staff, suppliers and partners.

We are a full service electronic design and manufacturing company that provides expert services to a diverse range of clients across an equally diverse range of industry and technology sectors.

Being a fully integrated service provider means Directed can take a product from concept to production, by providing expert services and guidance at every step of the product development journey, thus ensuring that what we deliver is what was expected.

Our aim is to go the extra mile in design and do far more than just translate a functional specification into a circuit design or software. All designs are carried out to professionally drafted Product and Functional Specifications being developed and agreed during the initial consultation process; with the designs we deliver mindful of the unique requirements of each project.

Regardless of the size of the project – whether high-volume industrial or commercial, or proof of concept prototype for a great new idea – and no matter how challenging the assignment, we promise to deliver.

The company also owns its our own packaging company called Centrapak.

Our electronic product solutions for your products: 

Electronics Design

Circuit design and schematic capture

PCB design and layout

PCB panel layout and optimisation for manufacturing

Industrial Design

Design of mechanical elements

Full product industrial design

Project Management

Product Specification Development

Technology and Innovation advice

Project Account Management

Software Development

Embedded software utilising custom schedulers or Linux

PC application software, desktop GUIs and databases

Mobile device applications

Compliance Testing

FCC, ICASA, EMC and Safety testing

Pre-compliance testing management

Compliance management at fully certified test houses


Rapid prototyping

Production of mechanical housings

Product Manufacture & Assembly

Harness Design & Manufacture

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