About Directed

At Directed we believe that the cost and quality of products have a major impact on the bottom line of any business.

One of the most fundamental tasks of a company sourcing products in is finding a credible intermediary to negotiate deals with the local and international suppliers.

As expert consultants with 15 years of experience, our primary concern is to bring you the products and services you need at the right price, within timely delivery and from the best supplier.

Through the years, we have built strong networks with suppliers in various industries across the globe. We understand our customers’ needs. As such, we utilize our knowledge and expertise to remain above the cutting edge of market dynamics.

Our vast experience will help to build a competitive strategy to address your need for cost reduction when sourcing new or existing products.

Our services extend beyond just sourcing if required.  Should you need us to QA a new supplier at their factory or assist with logistics we’re here to help.

Product sourcing with import & export experience

Main obstacles in the import process:

  • Communication barriers with factories and logistics companies.
  • The lead time of manufacturing processes.
  • Trusting sometimes unethical factories to produce what they promised.
  • Foreign factories and agents have a different perception of quality.

With our extensive experience of dealing with suppliers from US, CA, UK, China, EU, India & RSA you know you are in safe hands. We help you overcome these risks with new suppliers locally and internationally.

Providing Hands-on Sourcing and Importing Solutions

Our product sourcing, factory audit, quality control and import-export experience ensures that the manufacturing process are efficient and fast without sacrificing quality.

You can be assured that the suppliers we use and the products you receive are extensively checked and aligned with to your standards.

Our Services include:

  • Products sourcing & custom manufacturing
  • Factory audits & product quality assurance check
  • Logistics & warehousing
  • Marketing & Distribution

You business is saved as we take the risk and time out of the sourcing process.  We save clients an estimated 50 hours per project we handle.

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